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"The Quixotic Message", or "No Free Hunch"

Steve Reuland (aka "theyeti") takes a humorous but well-referenced look at the inconsistencies of the Intelligent Design movement and its advocates.

Irreducible Complexity Demystified

Pete Dunkelberg's essay will prove helpful to educators, boards of education, legislators and members of the press who may be wondering about "Irreducible Complexity".

Bottaro's Letter to WNYE

Andrea Bottaro wrote a letter to TV station WNYE about their scheduling of the "intelligent design" propaganda film, Unlocking the Mystery of Life.

- DR. DEMBSKI'S COMPASS - or, How to lose one's way while looking for misdirection.


Andrea Bottaro responds to a criticism made by "intelligent design" advocate William A. Dembski about Bottaro's review of Unlocking the Mystery of Life.

The Design Revolution? How William Dembski Is Dodging Questions About Intelligent Design


Mark Perakh's essay on the tactics used by William Dembski in responding to, or not responding to, criticism and critics.

Read the full article PDF (off-site).

How Intelligent Design Advocates Turn the Sordid Lessons from Soviet and Nazi History Upside Down

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Wesley R. Elsberry and Mark Perakh examine the invidious comparisons made by "intelligent design" advocates where they liken evolutionary biologists to Soviet and Nazi leaders. In particular, the bizarre misuse by ID advocates of the example of Trofim D. Lysenko, pseudoscientist extraordinaire, is examined.

Read the full article in PDF (off-site).

The advantages of theft over toil: the design inference and arguing from ignorance


John Wilkins and Wesley R. Elsberry examine the claims made by "intelligent design" advocate William A. Dembski for his "explanatory filter". This is an online version of the 2001 Biology and Philosophy peer-reviewed paper, one of the few papers in the peer-reviewed literature that is explicitly about "intelligent design".

Background to "Evolution in (Brownian) space: a model for the origin of the bacterial flagellum"


Nick Matzke provides a brief article covering some of the background information needed to understand arguments made about bacterial flagella and Michael Behe's claims of 'irreducible complexity' for that organelle.

Moonshine: Why the Peppered Moth Remains an Icon of Evolution


Matt Young takes up the criticisms that "intelligent design" advocates make about peppered moths and the studies showing that natural selection acted on their populations. The peppered moth example is still an excellent example of natural selection in action.

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